1,000 Calorie Diabetic Diet – DOs and DON’Ts

A 1,000 calorie diabetic diet is very low in calories. With such a low caloric intake, be sure that what you are choosing to eat provides your body with the nutrients it needs. Your body needs a certain number of calories every day to keep the body living. A diet doesn’t mean that you have to eat something you don’t like. Just remember to choose your foods carefully and don’t forget to count calories.

Let’s make a short list of DOs and DON’Ts for those who made up their minds to follow a 1,000 calorie diabetic diet.


  • Strict control of your physician;
  • Planning your meals;
  • Counting calories;
  • Everyday walks on fresh air;
  • Limited physical exercises;
  • Blood sugar level control;
  • More fruits and vegetables.


  • Diet longer than three days;
  • High physical activity;
  • Taking additional weight loss medications;
  • Unapproved changes in your diet plan
  • Fat food

A 1,000 calorie diabetic diet will certainly help you loose some weight. Though, you should not expect extremely rapid weight loss. Because loosing weight rapidly and naturally (and thus safely) is quite difficult. Make this process be natural and the results won’t make you wait too long.

More diet alternatives to consider: 1800- and 1500-calorie diabetic diets.