1,500 Calorie Diabetic Diet – What You Should Know

Before we start talking about diabetic diets, let’s look up at the dictionary and find out the meaning of pancreatic diabetes (more often we say just diabetes). So, pancreatic [insular] diabetes (from Latin diabetes mellitus) is a group of endocrine diseases that occur as a result of relative or absolute lack of insulin hormone or dysfunction of its interaction with organism cells, that leads to stable sugar level increase in blood.

It’s not a secret that most of people who suffer from diabetes are overweight. That is why along with insulin injections application doctors always offer stick to a diet. Your doctor may recommend a diet that limits your intake to 1,000/1,200/1,500 or 1,800 calories a day.

A 1,500 calorie diabetic diet means eating no more than 1,500 calories of food each day. You will certainly find a number of this diet samples. Books, magazines and Internet are all open for you. But don’t hurry up. Consult with your doctor first. There are loads of universal diet plans, and each of them should have an individual approach. Choosing the best variant together with your doctor will not only help you to loose some weight, but will also make you feel better, healthier and more confident.