3 Facts to Encourage and Cheer up Your Diabetic Friend

Good friends often prove themselves to be the most valuable assets that a person can have, especially when the going gets tough. If you find yourself a friend to someone suffering from diabetes, you can have a profound effect on how they cope and deal with the affliction, if only you know the right things to say.

Suffering from diabetes is tough, to be sure, but, as is the case with all things, there are bright points to be seen if only you know where to look. If you’re looking to be a bearer of good news, here are three facts to encourage and cheer up your diabetic friend:

1. Diabetes is the Best Possible Reason to Stay Fit and Healthy

Keeping yourself in good shape is a challenge for most of us, even when we have reasonable goals and great inspiration, so the extreme motivation to stay in tip-top shape offered by diabetes can be important over the years. Between exercise and good eating habits, your friend will achieve a look and feel that will make friends and passersby alike envious, even while the rest of us struggle to keep up.

Remind your friend that having a life-or-death reason to exercise regularly, while frightening, offers the certainty of never having to worry to losing weight ever again; maybe not a trade they’d willingly make, but a noteworthy one, just the same.

2. Getting to Know Themselves

When it comes to diabetes, keeping track of a long list of bodily variables is crucial to remaining healthy, from monitoring emotional states and general feeling, to taking a scientific measure of blood-glucose levels. A pain in the butt at times, to be sure, but this constant self-evaluation also means that every diabetic is guaranteed to get to know themselves very, very well, and this will prove to be a boon to health, both physical and mental, for an entire lifetime.

3. Diabetes Leaves You with Power

While your friend will be rightfully quick to say that they’d prefer to have no disease at all, diabetes is one of those rare afflictions that leaves sufferers with lots of control when it comes to management, health, and life expectancy. This firm handle on their own fate may be taken for granted by those of us without imminent health concerns, but it is most certainly envied by those suffering from diseases that are outside of their control entirely.

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