ABC of Diabetes

Diabetes is becoming an increasing concern not only in terms of health issues in men, but in women and children as well. A disease which started out showing itself in people at the age of fifty or sixty is not starting to present itself in teenagers and young adults as well. The constant threat that lingers is not an empty one and the dangerous relating to the same are very real. Whether you are healthy, prediabetic or have been diagnosed with diabetes, this article will help you understand the condition of your body and the kind responses you can expect.


Diabetes is the imbalance between glucose and insulin in the blood stream. The glucose comes from the breakdown of the food we eat and the insulin is a hormone which is released into the blood by the pancreas. These two tend to play a game of seesaw in the blood stream because the amount of insulin release in the blood is directly related to the amount of glucose present in the blood. So it is when the insulin or glucose cannot find a balance that a person suffers from diabetes.

Insulin is released into the blood stream as a response to the glucose present because the glucose needs to be sent to the cells in the body. Glucose alone is of no use to the body and it needs insulin to help it enter the cells and provide energy to them. Diabetes is of two types. The first type is when the body is unable to produce insulin, thus increasing the amount of glucose in the blood, and yet not being able to take the same to the cell. The second type is when the cells in the body become immune to insulin and do not allow it to enter, in which case insulin and glucose, both remain lodged in the blood and cause harm to other organs.

Type 1 diabetes can be easily blamed on the genetic makeover of an individual. It is a genetic disorder and travels from parents to offspring. So if your parents are diabetic, you might want to consider getting your blood tests, just to be sure. Type 2 diabetes can also be genetic but only in a few cases. Other cases are usually caused by bad dietary habits, irregular lifestyle and some prescription drugs which alter the body system in extreme ways.

Symptoms of diabetes can be varied and a number of times diabetes can even go unnoticed for years, in which case, when it is diagnosed, it is already full blown diabetes. Thus it becomes very important to get regular checkup for the same and make sure your blood sugar levels are balanced. Aside from that, when symptoms do show, you could suffer from a number of symptoms like headache, dizziness, fatigue, bad eye sight, insatiable hunger, unexpected weight loss, tingling in arms and legs etc. it can be possible that these symptoms could be misread for the disease and thus these general checkups are important.

While it may be devastating news to be diagnosed with diabetes, living with the disease can be quite easy if you take the necessary steps to remain healthy through it. Not every diagnose should lead to a deterioration in health and mental state. Diabetes can easily be controlled with medication, diet and exercise, to allow you to live a fully healthy life in spite of suffering from the disease.

There may be a number of focus points when you consider the things you must avoid if you are diabetic however a whole world of meats, fruits and vegetables are always open for you. A subtle balance between these would make revolutionary changes in the disease implications and symptoms. Not only does the component of your diet make a difference, but also the timing you choose. If you are trying to live with diabetes or prevent the same, you need to be able to regulate your meal timings and stick to the schedule for the same.

A little exercise can help introduce more stability into your daily life, with or without diabetes. It will make your muscles stronger, keep your weight in control and it will also become a part of your schedule, according to which your meal timings would also get set.

Now that you are fully aware of the effects that diabetes can have on your life, you must make sure you try your best to prevent it. Whether you are susceptible to type 1 diabetes because of your ancestors or you are susceptible to type 2 diabetes because of your lifestyle, it becomes crucial for you to practice control and maintenance so as to be able to keep the disease at bay for as long as possible, and also being able to give your body the required tools and methods to fight the disease when it finally hits. Beware of this sweet killer lurking in your blood stream.

The post is authored by Jefferey Morgan, he is a freelance writer who helps you to deal with daily stress of diabetes. Also he is of opinion that regular exercises are required for happy and serene life. Visit his site to know more on how to get ripped fast and to know more about writer visit Get This Ripped.

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