Alcohol and Diabetes Type 2

Alcohol and Diabetes Type 2People abusing alcohol are known to develop diabetes. But at the same time its moderate use can decrease the risk of development of diabetes.

The affect can be explained by the ability of alcohol to raise b-cells’ sensitivity to insulin and to delay the     undernutrition of glucose from food.

Joint research of scientists from Great Britain and USA on the influence of alcohol on diabetes development has been carried out.

109690 women at the age of 25-42 years without signs of coronary arteries diseases, insult, cancer or diabetes were under supervision during 10 years.

During the period of supervision they had a detailed questionnaire about their daily life and condition of their health.

The diabetes type 2 has developed in 935 women.

Patients with lung and, especially, average consumption of alcohol (15-29,9 grams a day) had a lower risk of diabetes development in comparison with women who did not take alcohol or took it in greater dozes (30 and more grams a day).

The highest protective affect of alcohol was found out among the women who drank mainly wine and beer.

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