Alcohol and Diabetic Diet

Alcohol: a favorite treat of most of the world’s adults from time to time, adding an extra level of enjoyment to parties, dinners and other get togethers. Unfortunately, if you’re suffering from diabetes, you’ll need to be as careful with your alcohol consumption as you are with most other things that you consume, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t partake of a drink now and then!

If you’re suffering from diabetes and want to be sure that you’re being careful when you drink, check out these facts on alcohol and a diabetic diet:

How Does Alcohol Affect Diabetics?

First and foremost, alcohol can cause blood sugar levels to rise when consumed in moderate amounts, but excess alcohol can actually make blood sugar levels drop, making the management of how much you drink in one sitting a tricky thing. Different forms of alcohol have different effects, leaving you to find which ones and in which amounts suit you the best.

As is always the case when it comes to alcohol, diabetic or not, moderation is key. Don’t drink often and drink responsibly when you do, allowing you to monitor your body and perform the necessary tasks to keep a diabetic reaction in check.

Another important effect of alcohol from a diabetic point of view is the fact that it tends to stimulate the appetite when consumed. Combined with the poor judgement that is a hallmark of spirit consumption, this could potentially lead to an unplanned meal or snack that could wreak havoc with blood sugar levels, leaving you in physical distress when you’re least able to cope with it.

How Much Alcohol is Safe?

To keep yourself out of harm’s way when having a social drink or two, be sure to always keep your condition in mind in order to ensure that you’re being safe at all times. Avoid all sugary alcoholic beverages, and drink what you do with limitations; generally, doctors suggest that those with diabetes not consume more than two alcoholic drinks per day.

Other advice, such as drinking slowly, eating before you do drink and taking in lots of water throughout any evening out, applies to anyone sitting down to a drink, but diabetics should take it straight to heart given the increased risk.

In the end, enjoy alcohol responsibly and in moderation and you’ll find that your diabetes doesn’t ever hold you back from a social drink!

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