Chef Tom Valenti Goes Beyond Sugar-Free

Chef Tom Valenti - Diabetes

Chef Tom Valenti of New York has banished all the old ideas of “the diabetic diet” with his new cookbook, “You Don’t Have to Be a Diabetic to Love This Cookbook”, which he co-authored with Andrew Friedman. A diabetic himself, fifty year-old Valenti has been living with the disease for nearly fifteen years.

In an article by Reuters Life! columnist Richard Leong posted Tuesday, July 7, 2009, Valenti discusses his opinions on how being a diabetic should not prevent anyone from being able to enjoy good food. He also addresses how diabetes is affecting the increasing obesity rate among American children, an issue that has become a growing concern among many dietitians and health care providers.

Leong opens the interview by inquiring how Valenti’s cookbook differs from other cookbooks also geared toward diabetics. Valenti points out being a professional chef affects the quality of the cuisine he creates. In the past, the common assumption was diabetics were stringently limited in their choices of food. Whereas a dietitian or nutritionist who is not a chef may strive primarily for the health benefits of a menu plan, a professional cook like himself would hope to attain a certain quality of flavor as well as being nutritionally balanced.

Valenti says there is no certain list of foods for the average diabetic. He points out the differences in prescribed dietary plans are just as different as the diagnosis itself. Valenti stresses moderation as the key with any diet. He encourages diabetics to stick to their diet plan as prescribed by their doctor or nutritionist. Valenti asserts table salt is one of the mainstays in any kitchen. He explores uses of other foods to provide flavor so as to keep sodium intake to a minimum.

When asked if there are any foods he avoids completely, Valenti says he stays away from over-processed and “fast” foods. He does admit to indulging in an ice cream cone periodically. He charges the rising obesity rates in children is an indicator of the dangers of the “fast” food craze and what it is doing to the collective health of our society. Due to the increased consumption of over-processed junk food, Valenti says, we have passed on a harmful legacy of unhealthy eating that is making itself apparent in our children’s health.

While advancements in medical knowledge have allowed for gourmet pleasures once undreamed of for the diabetic, it is constantly being counteracted and matched step-for-step with an ever-increasing societal addiction to what essentially amounts to consumable garbage. While it is imperative for people with chronic disorders such as diabetes to watch what they eat, “regular” people should be just as careful with their eating habits.

You can find more advice about diabetes and general nutrition from freelance writer and blogger Trina L. Grant on her website.

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