Coffee and Diabetes: IT’S A GO FOR THE JOE

coffee diabetes

Take it from the spouse of a coffee addict, you do not ever allow a caffeine-aholic you love to be without their JOC (java of choice). I have learned to push away the image of suffragettes and bras ablaze as I stride (make that stagger), to the kitchen every morning before my bear of a 250-pound husband awakes from his C-pap induced hibernation.

For hard-core coffee lovers who also have Type 2 diabetes, there is a rare bit of good news coming out of Harvard University. It seems there had recently been some evidence there might be a definitive link between increased rates of heart disease and diabetics who consumed large amounts of coffee. A Reuters report based on an article in the June 2009, issue of Diabetes Care, discusses a study conducted to determine if diabetics who were consumers of large amounts of caffeine had a higher risk of developing heart disease.

According to the article, Dr. Rob M. van Dam, of Boston’s School of Public Health at Harvard, worked with colleagues to analyze data collected from 1986 to 2004 from nearly 3500 men with Type 2 diabetes. The Reuters update denotes the doctor’s conclusions from the test. When compared with patients who do not drink coffee, the odds were no higher for a Type 2 diabetic to get heart disease from drinking too much coffee. Apparently such was true whether the patient was a smoker or not, and regardless of how much coffee they drank, even beyond four cups a day and more.

Coffee is one of the more popular drink choices in our culture, especially since it is more than just a luxury food item but also because it acts a a stimulant, which countless people use to get them going and keep them going throughout their day. Although doctors and medical people warn about consuming too much caffeine for various reasons, coffee lovers will surely be as happy about this news as smokers would be to find out the same thing about their mood altering substance of choice.

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