Diabetes and Breastfeeding

Diabetes and Breastfeeding

It’s not necessary to explain a lot that diabetes causes various troubles for getting pregnant, carrying of a pregnancy, and for the period after child delivery. The main reason is high blood sugar level and metabolic disorder.

This time let’s talk about the troubles of the third period and ways to handle them.

Breast feeding is a very important aspect for normal baby’s growth and development. It’s a normal thing that is supposed to take place after child birth by the Nature. But diabetes can make it complicated. It’s worth saying that if a feeding mom has diabetes it means that either she was diabetic before pregnancy – consequently she did a great and hard job to deliver her baby; or that she has never been diagnosed diabetes before 24–28 weeks of gestation – gestational diabetes – which then transformed into type I or type II diabetes. In both cases breast feeding is special for diabetic moms, and this matter should be treated very seriously. And in no case should you refuse from breast feeding from the very beginning. The idea that you can’t breastfeed your baby just because you are diabetic is a non-sense. Why? Because breast feeding protects your baby from having diabetes at this young age and later; it helps you stay away from putting on extra pounds and stay in good physical form; it lowers your daily insulin need (as blood sugar level decreases after each feeding); and finally it makes your baby understand (even if he/she is only one months old) who the most important person in its life is – it’s you – mom.

Of course there is nothing good about being a diabetic mom and nothing to be proud of, but still it’s not a reason to give up and deprive your baby of your love.

All feeding moms have to follow some sort of a diet, because you feed your baby with what you eat yourself (figuratively). It’s important to think about calories, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, etc. The same is the rule for breast feeding diabetic moms, with the one only difference that they also have to watch their blood sugar level carefully and all the time.

Diabetic moms should also treat seriously the matter of sore nipples because this problem increases the possibility of having mastitis or thrush. Nevertheless diabetes is not a disaster. Of course it adds you some extra discomfort and things to worry about, but you can surely live with it and grow-up a healthy baby, and not even one. (Except those cases when both parents are diagnosed diabetes before pregnancy. In such situations doctors strongly recommend consider adopting a child rather than giving a birth.)

Some diabetic moms feel sick after each time of feeding: they feel dizzy and weak. Well, it really happens. As has already been said blood sugar level decreases after each feeding – that is the reason of possible feeling dizzy. That is why they have to always keep a proper snack at hand at home or in their bags when going out to ‘refuel’.

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