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diabetes money

Diabetes is not the easiest of diseases to live with but by no means is it the hardest. The problem when it comes to my diabetes is the money that you have to spend on the foods and various things you need to survive really here are just a few problems and ways to fix them.


Getting sugar free foods can be very expensive indeed and if you compare sugar to a sweetener you will see that the price difference is massive. If you like your sugar in your hot drinks, coffee being one of them, you are going to be finding yourself buying a lot of sweeteners to replace that sugar that you used to have in these drinks. The best thing to do here is to hunt around for the cheapest sweetener. They all pretty much taste the same so getting the cheapest one out there is the best way forward.

Of course the same goes for a lot of the foods you have to buy as a diabetic and although you don’t always want to go for the cheapest options make sure on things where it really doesn’t matter that you simply go for whatever you can afford.


I cannot be the only diabetic in the world to get very annoyed when they have to go out in the middle of work and buy something to eat or drink to fix a hypo. If you have regular hypos or you need to keep buying a snack to stop your bloods from dipping down then you will find that you are actually going to be spending a lot of money of buying things during the course of the month and this can easily be reduced. All you need to do is get yourself some energy tablets and make sure that you are always keeping them on you because although they taste foul they do the job and they do it at minimal costs.

Diabetic Accessories

Although they sound like quite the cool thing to have I can assure you that they aren’t and they can be very expensive to buy. A diabetic should always carry some form of ID on them that in an emergency would tell someone that you are in fact a diabetic and believe it or not, this can cost a lot of money. The bracelets, necklaces and even ID cards can cost way over $100 which to me is an utter rip off considering you actually need them! On top of these, if you are travelling on a plane you will need cool bags to ensure you do not end up with warm insulin rendering the stuff useless.

Travel Insurance

It is a complete pain in the butt to get insurance with diabetes because you have to pay a lot more than most people do, the best thing to do is once again to hunt around and find the best deal, the younger you are the more likely you are to get a very reasonable deal.

All in all it is tough to manage the money when it comes to diabetes but it can be done if you are careful and if you keep your receipts and look at what you are spending the money on it is more than possible that you can cut the costs down.

The guest post is by Ryan who is a Diabetic internet marketer working for a company that deal with credit cards for bad credit and poor credit credit cards.

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