Diabetes and Its Influence on Reproductive System and Sexual Potency

Diabetes and Reproductive System and Sexual Potency
Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that makes glucose (blood sugar) turn into energy for our body.

Diabetes even in case of being diagnosed timely and treated properly can be the reason for many other diseases and dysfunctions. Diabetes and its complications can change your life. In particular it can cause blindness, obesity, kidney disease, and have negative influence on reproductive system of both men and women. For all women of childbearing age there is a certain percentage of possibility to have gestational diabetes. This disease is future.

Diabetes can also have negative influence on men’s sexual potency. Or to be more precise it can be the reason of developing erectile dysfunction or impotence. All men, with or without diabetes, experience difficulties in achieving an erection at some time in their lives. Very often men who meet this problem do not bound it this their diabetes condition.

As we know about 35 per cent of diabetic men suffer from this problem. Possibly the reason of this is that diabetes has a great influence on digestion and metabolism, actually it disturbs these processes. And this disturbance no matter of its source has direct influence on men’s sexual potency. This problem is aggravated by the situation when men are not aware of such complication possibility.

Of course it’s a fault of their doctors who do not warn them about it. Impotence appears with those men who have been long diagnosed diabetes and are at the moment at the age of 45-65 years (such dispersion is determined by the age when the disease occurred). Some doctors mistakenly think that at this age men are not interested in sexually active life any more, and that is why they do not pay much attention to this problem. If a man with diabetes develops impotence, there is a less than a one in ten chance that the problem will improve as time goes by.

Erectile dysfunction is not only a physical problem for most men. It’s also a psychological problem. Men with this problem start feeling isolated and can get depressed as they do not consider themselves full-fledged human being anymore. But in the majority of cases of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes the cause of it is still physical rather than psychological. It can be connected with nerve disease related to diabetes.

Diabetes can damage the peripheral, autonomic, and cranial nerves. Damage to these nerves can prevent a man’s penis from getting firm when he wants to have sex. The reason can be also in reduced blood flow that prevents the ability to maintain a normal erection.

As far as we know, the best way to prevent impotence in diabetes is controlling the blood sugar as well as possible. And of course all men diagnosed diabetes have to be aware of such a threat to their health from the very beginning.

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