Diabetic Diet for Non-Diabetics – Try it!

diabetic diet

Diabetes sufferers will have a good idea about how to stabilize their insulin levels and what types of foods to eat should they need to quickly raise blood sugar levels, what you may not be aware of however are the kind of foods you should be eating on a daily basis to avoid your sugar and insulin levels fluctuating out of control. Not just of benefit to diabetes sufferers, these simple guidelines can help everyone control hunger and be of great benefit when trying to loose weight.

The type of carbohydrates you injest throughout the day are key in controlling blood sugar. All carbs can be classified with the glycemic index, this indicates the rate at which a carbohydrate food will be distributed into the blood stream. At the top of the scale and with the highest glycemic index we have glucose, pure sugar that is released into the blood stream almost immediately after ingestion. At the lower end are fruits, vegetables, nuts and some whole-wheat carbs such as brown rice, bran, and granary bread.

It is by no means recommended that anyone should eat low GI foods all day long, diabetes sufferer or not. Sticking to foods in the middle range however will keep hunger at bay and blood sugar levels constant throughout the day. This means eating moderately sized regular portions of oatmeal, bran, bread and pasta will keep you satisfied and not hankering for a quick hit. Foods to avoid which you may not be aware of include, baked potatoes (sweet potatoes are a better option), fries, honey, white bread, white rice and corn.

Be sensible with your choices and you will get through the day feeling more satiated, have a better ability to concentrate, and have more energy, as well as avoiding potentially dangerous drops in blood sugar.

Joe is a copywriter, fitness blogger and freelance personal trainer, he is not diabetic but has clients that are and uses these tips himself to stop his blood sugar talking off like an RC Helicopter

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    1. Jon's Weight Loss Guide Says:

      This is a good healthy diet plan for all. I am not sure what the problem of a low GI diet is though, as there are many nutritious and healthy foods that are low GI. Do we really suffer from too little sugar? Low GI is still some sugar too isn’t it?

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