Diabetic Diets to Control Blood Sugar

Diabetic Diets to Control Blood Sugar

It’s a simple question with a complex answer. What types of foods are good at controlling blood sugar levels and which are not? Hopefully this article can help you decide on which foods are best and which are not.

Whole Grains: This is your main source for energy. Whole grains provide the glucose that your body requires, however, unlike refined grains, which grains contain fiber. Fiber allows the food to be digested slower and enter the bloodstream at a slower pace, thus it doesn’t spike the sugar level.

: Believe it or not vegetables can be self correcting in terms of dealing with diabetes. Generally, the pancreas of most diabetic still functions to a certain extent, and given enough time, it can correct itself. Vegetables provide much needed vitamins and minerals to facilitate this and they are filled with fiber which is key to the diabetic’s diet.

Soft Drinks: Needless to say these are out of the question. They raise the blood sugar levels and provide no added nutrients.

Junk Food: Junk food is inclusive of a whole host of evils, including greasy foods, fast foods, etc. These cause more damage as they are digested too quickly and require the pancreas and liver to overwork.

So as a diabetic your best foods will be whole grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits in moderation, basically a vegetarian/diet.

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