Diabetic Foot – Watch Your Step For Proper Care and Prevention


There is a common condition of diabetic foot that is seen among those suffering from a high level of blood sugar content or diabetes. As a result of the presence of glucose in blood stream there are various complications that may arise in the skin of various parts of the body.

There are various ways that skin problems can manifest through the foot regions of your body; in case of a blister or a sore it may lead to further infections and even chronic ulcers. At the same time you may not feel sensation at the right time which can warn you of the crisis involved in the situation.

Diabetic foot can also cause damage to nerves and blood vessels of your feet. This can lead to a complete lack of sensation and feelings; on one hand when this condition makes healing tougher for your feet. There are medical cases where amputation has been deemed the only means of prevention of the ulcer and the resultant infection to other parts of the body.

It is important that you know the various conditions you are at risk if you are a diabetic.

Athlete’s Foot

This is a form of fungal infection that can lead to redness and constant itching and pain thereafter. Cracks may also form which leads to further infection and aggravation of the area.


This is a formation of hard skin on the underside portion of your foot. It is the result of disproportionate weight of the body that falls on the heels or the forefoot regions; another cause of this condition is an improper selection of footwear.

Blisters and Nail Infections

Blisters occur from a roughness caused on the skin by harsh shoes or any other condition. Nail infections can occur when fungus formations may develop underneath and around the nail regions of your feet.


This is a formation of a hard skin that results from excessive body pressure caused by obesity. They can be severely painful and cause difficulty in walking as well.


In case of any crack that may appear in your feet it can lead to infections and formation of ulcer conditions. There can be a severity of this problem if not attended to with immediate effect.

Diabetic foot can be manifested in various ways but there is a treatment and medication available for each condition. Timely treatment and proper foot care is essential. Always consult your doctor in case of even a minimal outbreak of discomfort especially if you are a diabetic patient.

Appropriate care for your feet is very important; this can be done by cleansing and application of medicated creams and ointments that will help in quick healing of the condition. Also available are medicines that will have to be taken with regularity; this may be accompanied by doses of vitamins and other forms of health tonics that will help to rebuild blood circulation to heal quickly. At no point of time should you venture any surgical process with metallic accessories like nail cutters and trimmers without medical supervision. It could be dangerous and lead to severe aggravation of the condition.

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