Diabetic? Taking Good Care of Your Feet Is Vital!

Diabetes is becoming common these days, as more people develop insulin resistance due to obesity, sedentary lifestyles and poor diet. The feet become especially vulnerable to disease and injury for those with diabetes. Taking good care of your feet can prevent some of the most serious diabetic complications.

Nerve damage from diabetes can make it hard for diabetics to feel pain in their feet, making them likely to miss dangerous conditions. An unnoticed wound can result in serious consequences …even amputation. Other medical conditions are also more common in diabetic patients, including:

  • Athlete’s Foot – The itching, redness and cracking from Athlete’s Foot can eventually lead to infections if not cared for properly.
  • Fungal Infection – Toenails infected by fungus may change color, usually yellowish brown. Nails also become brittle and thick.
  • Blisters – Whenever you wear shoes that do not fit correctly, you can develop blisters. Normally, these small injuries are harmless, but in a diabetic, they can lead to infection and serious complications.

4 Steps to Healthier Diabetic Feet

According to medical experts one out of four people suffering from diabetes experiences foot complications. Taking good care of your feet can keep you more comfortable and healthier.


Checking your feet twice daily is the best way to prevent small problems from becoming big ones. Check when you rise in the morning and then again before bed. Look for signs of redness, cuts or blisters. If you notice a new wound, clean it immediately with soap and water. Then cover it with a fresh, appropriately sized bandage. Consider using an antibacterial ointment with your bandage to prevent infection and promote faster healing. Keep an eye on the wound, washing and treating it every day until it has healed entirely.


Lotion goes a long way towards preventing dry skin cracks that can develop into infections. Seek out lotions that are all natural to avoid exposure to unnecessary toxins.


Wear shoes that fit properly to avoid painful sores that can develop into an infection. Because diabetic feet often have nerve damage, you won’t necessary be able to feel that your shoes fit badly. Go to a shoe store and get an expert fit, being sure to tell the salesperson about your neuropathy. Always wear socks to prevent excessive moisture that can lead to Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections.


Don’t forget to check with your doctor when it comes to the best products to use on your feet. Ask your doctor to look at the soaps and lotions you use. He or she may recommend other products that are more effective than the ones you are using.

ClearToesClinic.com cares deeply about the health of your feet. If you notice a fungal infection in your toenails, we can usually help you remove the problem within a single laser treatment visit. It’s the quickest and most effective way to treat the problem.

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