Famous People with Diabetes

People of art:

Herbert Wells and Ernest Heminguej
great writers.

Linda Kozlovski
s known on a film “Crocodile of Dundee”.

Mary Tyler Moore
a telestar.

Sju Getsman
the known actress. More than 30 years live with a diabetes.

Dejl Evans
the actress, the singer. The first lady of the American musical westerns of 40th years.

Lydia Ehevarija
the actress condemned for 208 years of imprisonment for murder of the husband. It have released on a state of health.

Pol Cezanne
the great French artist-impressionist. Was born in 1839. It is said that its “indistinct” style is a consequence of diabetic retinopathia.

Majls Devis
the well-known jazz trumpeter. Was born in 1926.

Ella Fitsdzherald
the great black singer. Has lived 79 years.

Net Adderli
the well-known jazz trumpeter. Has written down about 100 albums. Composer.

El Heat
jazz musitian. Has written down about 100 albums. Died at the age of 74 years.

Dzhen Harris
jazz pianist, the nominee of Gremmi award.

Great Politic:

Joseph Broz Tito
the Yugoslavian leader.

Haitian dictator.

Kukrit Pramoj
the actor and the prime minister of Thailand. 1911 – 1995. The son of Thai prince.

Gamal Abdel Naser and Anvar Sadat
presidents of Egypt.

Hafiz Asad
the president of Syria.

Menahem Begin
the prime minister of Israel.

Bettino Kraksi
one of the main politic leaders of Italy.

the former Chilean dictator.

the king of Saudi Arabia.

Winnie Mandela
the South African leader.

Norodom Sianuk
the king of Cambodia.

Without comments:
M.S.Gorbachev, Thomas Edison, Ella Fitsdzherald, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Feodor Shalyapin, Sheron Stone, Silvestr Stallone.

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