Five Diabetes Dogmas That Need to Go…


It is very important with medical issues to get all of the facts straight. When it comes to one’s health and well-being misinformation and myth can get in the way of proper care and treatment for chronic diseases. That being said, it is essential for those with diabetes or who have loved ones with diabetes to get all of the facts. Here are five myths about diabetes that need to go.

1. Eating sugar causes diabetes.

Diabetes has many potential causes, and while too much of anything is not healthy, there is no evidence to suggest that sugar causes anything more than tooth decay. Nor is it true that diabetics cannot have any sugar. Fructose when ingested in moderation through natural sources such as fruit and juice are acceptable.

2. Only children develop Type 1 diabetes.

Children cannot develop Type 2 diabetes. This is wrong on both counts. It has long been thought that Type 1 diabetes is the domain of childhood and that type 2 diabetes is the product of older people living unhealthy lifestyles. The facts are that the majority of people with Type 1 diabetes developed it in their 30’s, and many adults who were thought to have Type 2 diabetes were actually misdiagnosed at first, leading to a delay in proper treatment.

3. Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes automatically sentences you to a life of insulin dependence.

Persons with Type 1 diabetes do require insulin injections to keep their blood sugar stable. However in the majority of cases Type 2 diabetes can be controlled through proper diet and exercise. Early diagnosis and treatment are also important factors.

4. Being overweight causes diabetes.

An unhealthy lifestyle can certainly contribute to many health problems and diabetes is just one of them. The truth is that although obese people are more at risk for developing diabetes, no one genetic factor has been definitively proven to be the root cause.

5. Diabetes is a virus.

Diabetes can having many contributing factors such as a family history, a history of gestational diabetes, poor diet, and some possible environmental factors, but their is no evidence at all to suggest that there is a ‘diabetes virus.’

If you are at risk for developing diabetes, or you or a loved one have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important that you follow a regimen of good health and proper medical treatment.

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