Five Gifts To Ask For This Holiday Season If You Have Diabetes

The holiday season usually focuses on that joyous ritual of hunting down presents and buying gifts for people. You don’t hear much about those on the receiving end who get something they can’t use, don’t want, or have absolutely no use for. Yes, it’s the thought that counts but what is a diabetic going to do with a carb-laden, super sugary fruitcake from their well-intentioned Aunt June? If you have diabetes, here are some ideas of what you might want to ask for this holiday season. Keep in mind that most of these gifts could be on anyone’s list, so don’t worry about asking for and receiving gifts that make you stand out.

1. For starters, gift cards for anything are great but a gift card to a healthy food store like Whole Foods is the best. Sure everyone could benefit from eating healthier but this holds especially true for diabetics who must watch their carbohydrate intake. However, some of these places can be a bit pricey so asking for a gift card can help you with costs. And since fresh fruits, veggies, and cheeses are necessary for a healthy diabetic diet, why not get them from a store that specializes in healthy foods?

2. Ask for seamless compression socks that look like regular socks. Any diabetic who has ever experienced swelling in their feet, ankles, or legs knows that compression socks are very helpful. They help improve circulation in the feet and contribute to overall better foot health. If you’re prone to swelling due to diabetes, you might want to consider adding these to your wish list.

3. A medical supplies organizer or shoulder bag should be on your list. These come in handy when toting around the various medical supplies that you need to keep on hand when traveling for just a day or for an entire week. As a bonus, some now come with a mini cold pack to keep your insulin cool, which can help you if you’re traveling to a warm climate. You can also use them daily as a neat and organized way to keep all your diabetic materials in one place.

4. Add some bling and practicality to your wish list and ask for a diabetes medical alert bracelet. These days medic alert bracelets can be custom made to fit your style and needs. They come in standard silver, velcro, suede, and more. Some places offer you a choice of design and personalized engraving. This gift is important because it might save your life one day.

5. Lastly, in lieu of a gift that you open, you could ask for members of your family to make a donation in your name to the diabetes charity of your choosing. This adds a personal touch because the gift-giver is contributing money that goes toward finding a cure. In most cases you will receive a card in return with a personal message from the Donor. It’s a gift of the heart that you both can appreciate.

Hopefully this gift guide will aid you when making out your Christmas wish list. Your family will thank you for making their shopping that much easier. And best of all, you won’t be stuck with something you can’t use or don’t want. No offense, Aunt June.

Diane Poole is a mom of three, and has firsthand experience raising children with diabetes. For great information and inspiration for those who are living with diabetes, or caring for others who have diabetes, Diane recommends visiting

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