Foot Exercise Has Been Proved Good For Diabetics’ Health

Foot exercise to improve diabetics' conditionBangkok Post reports that apart from healthy lifestyle and diabetic diet it is also essential to try some alternative ways to improve your condition.

The article tells the story of an elderly woman who has been suffering diabetes for 35 years to suddenly discover that nothing helps her more than exercise at the foot clinic.

The clinic offers some holistic health care that aims at improving the diabetics’ lifestyle and treating diabetic symptoms.

Basically what the patients were required to do at the class was to tear up newspapers with bare feet.

Besides, in the foot clinic special shoes have been designed for diabetes patients. They are made of rubber and lightweight.

Image source: Two lil Feet

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      […] in for some new kind of sports: exercise is extremely helpful to both improve diabetics’ health and cope with the stress associated […]

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