Free iPhone Apps to Help Control Diabetes

Monitoring and controlling diabetes is a truly trying task, one undertaken by millions of people around the world every day. While there is no cure, there are treatments to help those with diabetes to stay healthy, but these treatments require constant vigilance as blood sugars are watched and insulin is taken as needed.

In our technology saturated world, mobile phones have become everything from communications devices to personal assistants and they even have a role to play where your health is concerned! Here are two iPhone apps to help control diabetes:

1. Diabetes Log

Whether you’re a diabetic or someone who takes care of a diabetic, you know that keeping a record of glucose readings, food intake and medical records is of vital importance in staying healthy. This is where the Diabetes Log app for iPhone shines, providing a simple way to enter all of the information that you need and making it available to you or your doctor, any time and anywhere.

The features of this app include the ability to export your logs, making them even more accessible under any circumstances, even when you need to fax or post them!

2. Diabetes App

Similar to the Diabetes Log app but offering even more depth is the simply named Diabetes App, an iPhone program aimed at helping you to monitor every aspect of your health where your disease is concerned. This app enables you to track all of the factors that influence your blood sugar level, including the food you eat and the insulin you take, monitoring for fluctuations in your readings and allowing you to plan your needs ahead of time, even while on the move.

One of the best aspects of this app is its built in calculator, a tool that enables you to put together your daily carb intake and water consumption; a huge included food database allows you to do it with a single touch of your screen, automatically counting carbs from the built-in data.

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