Gadgets that Help Diabetics


Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets. The modern world is full of them. Some make life easier, some are just for fun and some, in the case of diabetics, can literally be life saving. Managing your diabetes is simpler than ever with a range of useful tools such as glucose monitors, pen devices, magnifiers, insulin pumps and an assortment of accessories. And to help keep the kids interested in their health, there’s even a Nintendo device.

Glucose meter – It’s billed as the ultimate monitoring device and brings managing diabetes well into the 21st century, the Contour USB meter is a mix of modern design and versatility. But what does it do? What doesn’t it do? You can test your levels, set reminders and targets, mark and organise test results, view trends and add notes. The only thing you can’t do is eat it.

Gadgets for diabetics

A useful modern tool that lets you keep your historical data at your fingertips.

Insulin pump – If you prefer not to inject, then maybe an insulin pump is the way to go. A small device is attached to your skin and pumps tiny amounts of insulin into you all day long. Users report greater freedom, fewer highs and lows and no need for needles in public. There are several types and you may need to trial a couple to find the one that suits you best.

The Omnipod is a tubeless insulin pump that can be stuck to your body and you can continue life as normal. It is wireless as well as tubeless, so you do need the PDA to program delivery, calculate doses and get your glucose readings. This no tube technology may be good for kids as it won’t catch on anything.

The Medtronic Paradigm insulin pump works slightly differently as it has tubes that need to be inserted just under your skin, pumping insulin through a cannula. You only need to change the site of the pump every three days, so it is certainly better than several injections a day.

Gadgets for diabetics

Gadgets for diabetics

Caption: Tubing or not tubing, that is the question.

Style and substance – if you want a device that not only does what you need and looks stylish and chic, then designer Sascha Morawetz has come to your rescue. The Ninos AS Inhaler generates an insulin aerosol so you don’t need an insulin pen or pump, and the matching Ninos GL is a measurement system that keeps all your information stored in a super sophisticated shape.

Gadgets for diabetics

Caption – No one will know this isn’t a mobile phone.

Needleless pen technology – another device for the squeamish or the fed up. The very latest pen devices do not need needles. They eject a high pressure jet of insulin which is absorbed through the skin. This is finely tuned to be able to penetrate the skin but not go through to the muscles.

Plug and play – And fun for the kids that helps normalise their life a little – Bayer has come up with a plug and play blood glucose meter that plugs into Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. A glucose reading is taken every time they play and to encourage them further, they can unlock new game levels and earn rewards – to buy new items within the game of course.

Gadgets for diabetics

Caption – It’s a canny marketing idea, the Nintendo Didget blood glucose meter.

There is a whole range of accessories such as syringe holders, sharps containers, glucose tablet holders, strips and carrying cases that help make life a bit easier, whatever your age. Some are sophisticated and technologically advanced, others are just plain simple. What’s important is that you find the ones that suit your lifestyle, budget and health needs.

Guest blogger Midge has been writing for health and fitness blogs for some time now, most of her recent articles have been focused on the topic of fast weight loss using good healthy food in a more traditional method. This article was directly centred on the use of new technologies to aid diabetics.

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