Gadgets to Control Your Blood Sugar Level

Coping with diabetes means checking your blood sugar levels regularly, allowing you to get a handle on what you should be eating and when you should be eating it, not to mention letting you know when you need to offset things with insulin.

While some standard tools that allow you to check blood sugar levels have existed for many years now, our age of ever-evolving technology is presenting new ways to control diabetes all the time!

Ready to step into the future? Here are the goods on three innovative gadgets to control your blood sugar level:

1. iBGStar: iPhone Blood Sugar Level Checker

Given the sheer number of iPhones that are out there, there is a decent chance that you own one now, or will in the future. If and when that is the case, there is a fantastic tool that plugs directly into the smartphone, helping you to discreetly and efficiently track several vital statistics that could mean the difference between life and death.

Dubbed the iBGStar, this affordable device connects to any iPhone, presenting a small adapter and lancet that allow you to prick your finger and get instant blood glucose level information via the associated app. A slew of added features, including the ability to auto-email reports – something parents of diabetic children are particularly excited about – make this a truly futuristic aid for diabetics.

2. DIDGET: Nintendo DS Blood Sugar Level Checker

Where younger children are involved, a similar product comes in handy, attaching to the popular Nintendo DS gaming system that kids often carry around in a pocket.

The DIDGET blood glucose meter connects to the Nintendo DS is a similar fashion to the iPhone alternative, but goes a step further in encouraging kids to be on the ball with their readings via rewards such as unlocked video games. As any parent of a diabetic child knows, convincing kids to take the disease as seriously as adults do can be difficult, and this nifty contraption goes a long way towards helping that cause.

3. Photonic Glucose Sensor

If you’re a diabetic who is simply tired of daily finger pricks, the Photonic Glucose Sensor is the answer. This device works by attaching to the wearer as an armband, taking automatic blood glucose measurements via near-infrared light on a regular schedule, eliminating the need for a blood sample.

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