Getting the Skinny on New Diabetes Treatments

Qnexa healing diabetes

What a boon it must be to researchers, doctors and patients alike when a drug developed to treat one condition turns out to be a viable treatment for another. On less frequent occasions it is just a fluke and everyone is surprised. More often than not, however, the conditions do have correlating symptoms or one condition is a result or by-product of another. It is just such an event that has occurred for the the pharmaceutical company VIVUS, Inc.

According to an AP report in the June 9, 2009 issue of, late-stage trials of the obesity drug Qnexa have revealed a promising but not necessarily shocking side affect: Qnexa also reduced levels of blood glucose in diabetic patients significantly.

Scoffers of the drug and its uses may point out it has long been known weight-loss in diabetics usually leads to better all-around health. However, it appears the side effect seems to be a direct result of the drug itself, not just a benefit of weight loss. Of course, more research must be done to determine what, if any, complications could arise in the new target market. There must also be careful oversight to ensure the drug makers themselves practice ethical standards in the manner in which they promote and sell the drug.

People must not lose sight of the fact losing weight and living a better lifestyle through good nutrition and exercise will be the basis for a more comfortable, healthy quality of life. While there is always excitement when a new drug is discovered, or a drug appears to cure or treat multiple disorders, people must realize the first answer does not always warrant a pill or other synthetic device. Many times people with chronic disorders find actively living a smart, healthy lifestyle puts them a long way towards their goals for their lives.

Trina L. Grant is a contributing diabetes blogger. She is the owner of several blogs, and a professional freelance writer and editor.

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