Good Advice for Diabetes Prevention

No one wants to get diabetes, yet few take precautions. The infographic “Diabetes Facts & Statistics” will help you sit up and take notice of this growing health problem. Statistically, diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death and a disease not to take lightly. In simple visual terms, the infographic spells out the area of the population most effected and the cost to the US health system. It is a burden, indeed, and recommendations to elude the dreaded condition are a welcome addition in the text. Risks and complications are numerous and affect most areas of the body in some manner. The primary effects of diabetes, however, are on the eyes and kidneys, the heart, nerves, and feet. Patients will experience varying degrees of complications, but those outlined are the most common and are of particular concern. The infographic goes on to recommend lifestyle changes that everyone can do to decrease their odds of getting the disease. With the optimistic lead in “it is never too late to start,” simple instructions are then given such as better nutrition and more exercise to maximize weight control. This is common sense advice, but given the rise in obesity these days, one can assume that it is mostly overlooked. Weight management not only helps avoid diabetes, but it favorably impacts the heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Weight loss can reduce insulin resistance and is therefore vital to any preventative regimen. Physical activity of any type helps whether swimming, dancing, walking, aerobic exercise, weight training, or just stretching. A boost to the process can be obtained from dietary substances like garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones, saffron, acai berry, and green coffee bean. Easy access to more information on garcinia cambogia lies at the bottom of the infographic. If you don’t forget regular checkups, you are on your way to a healthy and full life, free of concern and dread of diabetes.

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