Good Diabetic Footwear Can Keep You Walking For Long

Patients, who suffer from a severe form of diabetes, develop some serious foot related problems. The smallest of injuries can multiply into something big and cause serious complications. More often than not neuropathy i.e. nerve damage is the reason why you lose feeling in your feet. Changes in the foot shape and poor circulation of blood in your feet can also cause problems.

Nerve damage or neuropathy

Long term diabetes often causes nerve damage, that result in the lessening of your ability to feel sensations. This means, if the patient suffers an injury they will not be able to feel the pain. Something as small as a blister can become very dangerous, as the diabetic will not realise they have a blister till it’s too late. A blister left unattended can result in the skin breaking down and becoming severely infected.

This form of nerve damage also results in the change in shape of your toes and feet. In which case, forcing the oddly shaped feet into general shoes will only aggravate the problem.

Infected Calluses

The calluses on diabetic patient’s feet tend to build faster and happen crop up faster. This happens due to the high pressure areas under the feet. This requires you to wear specific footwear and inserts that ease the pressure. If these calluses are not taken care of specifically with diabetic patients, it will turn into ulcers and infection. Remember never to take out calluses with chemical agents, as they will burn your skin and cause more damage.

Poor Circulation due to diabetes

Diabetes leads to a disease which limits the blood circulation called peripheral vascular disease. This causes the narrowing of arteries, reduces the circulation in the extremities of the body. As the oxygen amount reduces in these areas, it takes longer to heal injuries in your feet. Also poor circulation will result in dryness and swelling, which in turn can turn into infected ulcers.

How does diabetic footwear help?

If any of the above conditions occur walking can become extremely painful. Also you can end up with a severe case of infection which will result in amputation. Hence footwear and orthotics are an extremely important tool, in ensuring that your feet stay healthy. The diabetic footwear can help you walk for longer, due to the type of material and the shoes structure. They are made out of suede and leather materials which allow your feet to breathe. The diabetic footwear is also made of Plastazote which is able to conform to pressure and heat, making it easier on the pressure hot spots in your feet. Hence footwear, constructed with this material is often advised by doctors.

It allows your feet to distribute weight evenly, ensuring no pressure points are made. Rocker soles are designed specifically to reduce the pressure in the ball of the foot, which is most liable to suffer pain. This prevents blisters from forming.  You can also get the shoes to be customised, to ensure any deformation of the feet to accommodate without causing pain. These shoes also offer the necessary depth required for using with your customised orthotics.

Remember if you are diabetic patient, irrespective of where you walk you should always wear shoes. Do not walk ever without shoes, as it can cause damage which is irreversible.

This article is contributed by Harry Cooper, a successful fitness trainer and an avid blogger. He writes health, fitness and beauty related articles. He says for any kind of information on prosthetics one can visit Central Brace & Limbs’ Central Indiana locations or can visit their website.

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