Harmless and Tasty Replacements to Sweets

As we know, while developing of diabetic disease, glucose, which is an original fuel for normal body activity, cannot get to the cells due to the decreased level of insulin or its absence at all. In turn, this situation causes the increased level of glucose blood level named hyperglicemia. Actually it is badly dangerous for blood vessels that become thin and fragile, so different complications may start.

So it is extremely necessary to correct your food allowance to prevent such condition. Neither proteins, nor lipids have influence on glucose blood level, only carbohydrates (a chemical term means a class of substances which includes glucose, saccharose et?) possess this function. Thus except glucose level increasing, its transformation speed from food carbohydrates is either important. By this principle there are carbohydrates called easily and quickly acquirable. They can be found in such products as chocolate, ice-cream, pies, bread, sweets.

Thus the main rule of daily diet is to lower these components as much as possible. To completely give up on sweets means to present violence over self, especially for those who used to take a great interest and even abuse sweets. Therefore it is necessary to find harmless and tasty replacement to usual sweets. Here are a few ideas:

Banana fritters

Bananas: knead, connect to eggs, milk and sugar; add a flour and make a dough. From the dough bake fritters. Before serving strew a nutmeg.

Air bananas

Bananas: wash out, clear of a peel, cut into small slices. Mix bananas with a mixer gradually adding the condensed milk. Before serving spread out in forms. It is possible to decorate by mints.

Wafer pie with pineapples

Wafers finely crumb. Half of crumbs lay in the form. A tofu crush, mix with vegetable oil, honey, a lemon juice and a pineapple syrup. Lay out it in the form a top of wafer crumbs. Then lay pineapples and strew their remained wafer crumbs. Cool a pie. Before serving issue slices of pineapple.

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