Healthy Diabetic Tips to Support your Sight

While the effects of diabetes on the human body are many, one of the most concerning is the potential for damage to the sense of sight, potentially rendering a sufferer with reduced vision, or even blindness.

Depending on your blood sugar levels, you may find that you have blurry vision, or even that your eyeglass or contacts prescription no longer seems to work. Blood sugar can wreak havoc with the way that your brain processes images, but these healthy diabetic tips to support your sight will help you to keep your eyes working as they should:

1. Don’t Be Apathetic; Get Checked Regularly

Eyes are fickle things, made especially clear (pun intended) given that nearly 50 percent of the world’s population requires some form of corrective lenses; tack on the added complication that diabetes presents, and managing eye care is made doubly important.

The simplest, easiest and most cost-effective way to keep up-to-date with the health of your eyes is to visit your optometrist annually for a checkup and a change in prescription if necessary. One 30 minute visit once per year will ensure that no diabetes-related eye issues will take you by surprise.

2. Don’t Panic; Blindness Due to Diabetes is Rare

Studies show that diabetic retinopathy, the medical term for damage to the eyes caused by diabetes, affects up to 80 percent of patients who have had diabetes for 10 years or longer. While that statistic may seem heartbreaking, those same studies show that more than 90 percent of those cases could be eliminated if only patients got regular checkups in order to tackle problems as soon as they present.

In the end, you’re unlikely to become legally blind due to your diabetes, but you are likely to suffer some retinal problems if you’re not proactive with eye care.

3. Get a Prescription After Blood Sugar is Under Control

One of the least known aspects of diabetes when it comes to the eyes is the fact that blood sugar levels can play a huge role in how they work. Diabetic patients report blurring, double-vision, loss of peripheral vision and many other symptoms when blood sugar levels are not at their ideal value, serious problems that can lead you to believe that your current eyeglass prescription is no longer working.

In the interest of saving yourself trouble and money, be sure to order a new prescription only if you know that your blood sugar levels are under control, eliminating the risk of getting the prescription wrong in the case that your eyes are suffering the ill effects of wonky blood sugar.

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