Helping a Friend Diagnosed with Diabetes

Helping a diabetic

If your friend or a relative is diagnosed with diabetes, you will probably want to do your best to help him or her overcome panic and cope with the condition:

  • Help your friend acquire knowledge and keep him informed: what is diabetes and how it can be kept under control. Collect plenty of encouraging information on the disease: famous people suffering diabetes; delicious diabetic recipes and diets; any success stories you are be able to find.
  • Show your friend he/she is not alone: just do your best to spend time together: talk and listen – these are the best way to cope with depression. Visit doctors together, plan meals together, spend time outside…
  • Go in for some new kind of sports: exercise is extremely helpful to both improve diabetics’ health and cope with the stress associated with the new diagnosis. Jogging and yoga are two proved ways that can help a lot.

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    1. I am fat Says:

      Food is a big factor in weight loss. Honestly i have seen a lot of people i l know lose weight simply by changing their diet but get this – in all the cases – it happened unintentionally

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