Herbs That Can Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

The power of the herb cannot be overstated, especially for those suffering from diabetes; whether you’re looking for weight loss herbs for diabetics or spices that can level out your body’s blood sugar level, there are many natural supplements that you can consider.

While insulin is the medicine of choice for controlling blood sugar levels related to diabetes, did you know that there are a wide variety of natural herbs and spices that can also aid in keeping you healthy, despite your diabetes?

Here are the goods on herbs that can reduce your blood sugar levels:

1. Garlic

This pungent herb is not only delicious, but it contains sulfur compounds that are able to help dilate blood vessels in the body, relieving blood pressure and helping sugars to be passed through your system more efficiently. Added benefits of garlic in your diet include better metabolization of iron and added protection against high cholesterol.

Garlic is a common addition to a wide array of recipes; you likely already eat a good amount of it as it is!

2. Cinnamon

Praised by medical professionals around the world, cinnamon contains a great amount of phenol, a compound that has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity in diabetics, make it much easier for them to control their blood sugar levels and alleviating some of the weight risks associated with the disease.

A favorite in desserts and at breakfast time, cinnamon is a common spice that is readily available in a variety of formats at your local supermarket.

3. Cloves

Cloves are another excellent source of phenol, that insulin sensitivity aiding compound, and they also possess a high level of antioxidants. In addition, cloves have been found to help with the digestive tract, eliminating potentially harmful bacteria and helping your body to process food more efficiently. Given its analgesic properties, cloves are also great for headaches, toothaches and a wide variety of everyday ailments that we face, diabetic or not.

Cloves can be purchased in a number of forms, most often as a dry spice to be added to sauces.

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