How to Prepare a Diet Plan for Diabetics


There is usually an uncanny relationship between diabetes and being overweight. You will find most people who are overweight as being diabetic, a factor that seems to explain the growing number of children who are in their teenage and already diagnosed as diabetics.

Diabetes is also a disease that is very much related with food intake because it is about increasing blood sugar levels. Because of these two reasons, that of being overweight and the need to control blood sugar, you will find that diet planning is an essential part of managing diabetes.

The diet plan and being careful on what we eat also contributes to prevention of diabetes and is therefore an essential part of planning for your family. If your family has history of having diabetes, then you need to be even more careful and plan diets that would prevent occurrence of diabetes.

Key elements of planning for a diabetic diet

  • Ensure adherence to the plan: a diabetic plan will not last to impact the individual positively unless it is done in a disciplined manner and consistently.
  • Keep it simple: it always important to keep diabetic diet plan simple. Avoid using the simplified or processed foods. The more natural the foods are the better for the person. You need no special foods, all you need to serve are vegetables, fruits and cereals.
  • Allow more roughage: these are a must in a diabetic meal plan. They help in reducing the time taken for food in the stomach and therefore reduce the simple sugars formation during digestion.
  • Give food servings in moderation: this is important especially among children who may want to have more serving of foods that are high in sugar or fats. This should not be allowed because it increases blood sugar directly in the blood.

Features of a diabetic diet

  • What: choosing the exact food types that suit a diabetic is an important feature in diet planning for them. The food types should be those that do not promote weight gain or do not provide simple sugars.
  • When: the eating schedule for diabetics is as important as what they eat. It should not lead to lack of calories required for work and neither should it lead to too much calories with some being turned into fatty acids for deposits.
  • How much: small meals are recommended for diabetes as part of controlling sugar levels and also avoiding weight gain

How to prepare a diabetic diet plan

  1. Have a list of foods that are safe: this is important because certain foods increase the amount of sugars in the body while other increases the fatty acids. There are also fatty acids that are recommended such as the unsaturated short fatty acids which improve the amount of anti-oxidants.
  2. Have a meal plan indicating time and the food to be served: just as was already mentioned, the diabetic meal plan should have the end result in mind and therefore should include regular but small servings. What is served in the morning and evening should be carefully selected to avoid promoting high calorie foods in the evenings.
  3. Determine the appropriate portions of serving
  4. Try to fit your diet plan in the family’s meal plan: preparing meals for the diabetic should not inconvenience others in the family nor should it lead to discrimination of the person affected. This would help in acceptance and support to the person affected and also provide a prevention mechanism to the rest of the family.
  5. Make it interesting by varying the food types e.g. the breakfast cereals could range from wheat products to grain amaranth or corn products. These could be boiled or baked to provide alternatives in taste. However you must avoid refined carbohydrates.
  6. Have high fiber foods in the diet because these help in reducing the toxic bacteria in the stomach and reduce the amount of glucose in the blood. It also serves well in colon cleansing.
  7. Consider consulting an expert in nutrition for diabetics as this will help in avoiding preparing foods that could cause more harm.

Some wrong assumptions on diabetics’ meal plans

Over time people have tried many options of developing a diabetic meal plans or diets. Some of these practices have however led to development of assumptions pr practices that have no basis. Below are some, of these assumptions.

  • Never have sugar based meals in diabetic diet: this is not correct because we all need sugars in moderations. Sugars have an important role in metabolism and if not planned for would lead to weakening of the body. What needs to be taken care of is the need to have sugar sources that are less harmful to the body.
  • Serve proteins mostly because they are safe: this can in fact be dangerous because they lead to increase of nitrogenous compounds in waste materials and stretch the liver and kidney to the limits.
  • Serve the diabetic meals separately from other family members: this is often discouraging and often leads to discrimination. Instead, you need to have similar meal plan for all for an all inclusive diet for the family. After all, a diabetic diet plan is the best for everyone in the long run.
  • It is often expensive to keep a diabetic meal plan: this is not true because you will only need to eat what is available for everyone else. It more of how you prepare the food rather than the what you serve that should be different. Even that is however not an issue because you can serve the same food type to the entire family.

Bottom line:

A diabetic diet should not be very different from what you serve the others. All you need to do is to keep it simple, no simple sugars, do not discriminate and allow for small servings on regular intervals.

This is a guest post by Aqeel Syed, a blogger who writes about wellness through yoga at

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