How To Recognise The Symptoms Of Hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycaemia is often better known and described as low blood sugar. This is when there is a lack of sugar in the blood which means the body is deficient in energy. There are a large number of symptoms that you can get when your blood sugar is low. It is wise to know what they are as even if you are not prone to hypoglycaemia, you can get it at times and you need to be able to recognise it.

Low blood sugar can manifest itself in different ways. There are immediate effects of having no energy available, then effects of the brain being starved of sugar and hormonal effects as well.

  • Emotional:

    Low blood sugar can cause adrenaline to rise. This can make you feel short tempered or angry about things that would not normally bother you. It could make you feel sad and like crying. Emotions can change quickly as well so you can change from happy to sad, angry to tearful in a matter of minutes. This can be very confusing for the sufferer and people around them.

  • Behavioural:

    Behaviour can be affected by low blood sugar. You may feel tired or hyperactive. You may find that you do not feel like moving around very much as energy levels are low

  • Physical:

    You may just not feel yourself in a way that it is quite difficult to understand. Some people get aches and pains and any they have anyway may feel worse. You may also get a headache, indigestion or feel sick. You may feel hungry or thirsty too. It is possible that some people might physically shake. You may feel too hot or too cold.

    With such a range of symptoms, it can be difficult to diagnose. Many of them are symptoms that we get anyway with other illnesses or would just tend to ignore as maybe tiredness or hormones.

    Low blood sugar tends to occur when you are stressed or nervous and the adrenalin is high or when you have not eaten for a while. It can also happen if you have a big burst of sugar as the body can overcompensate and produce too much insulin so that the blood sugar then drops low.

    Therefore it is useful to keep a note of the symptoms as well as what you have eaten and you will be able to see whether there is any pattern. Some people notice that they get grumpy if they do not eat on time or fall asleep after eating a lot of sugar. Different people have different symptoms and it can be worth testing your blood sugar levels to see how your body is doing so that you can see whether it goes to low at times.

It may not seem that important but low blood sugar can have a big influence on your life. If you always feel tired or emotional, hungry or stressed, then it can have a big effect. You may find you are overweight, depressed or scared to do things. In the long term it can lead to disease too and so correcting it as soon as possible is the best thing to do. 

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