How to Take Care Of Diabetes When Working


Having Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of and if you are perhaps going into work for the first time with it there are a few things I know you could be worrying about, this is because I had the same problems when I went to my first job with Diabetes .Here is a few things that you could be worrying about that can be solved very easily indeed.

How Do I Break It To My Boss?

There is nothing to break to your boss at all. You haven’t done anything wrong by having the disease and the best thing to do is to sit your boss down and explain that you have Diabetes. The chances are they have an idea of what the disease is but will not know exactly what goes on and will need to know more in order to help you. Set time aside with your boss and other employees if need be to explain what it is and you will be fine.

What Happens If I Hypo At Work?

You sort it out. This is the simple and best answer and again you need to tell your boss and employees that from time to time your bloods may dip low and you will have to pop out of the office or the shop floor or whatever, for something to raise your bloods back up to a normal level. We both know what can happen if you just leave a hypo and no job is worth the risk of this. You will need to instruct employees on what to do if you collapse with your Diabetes and you must always keep a kit at work in case it happens. This way you do not run the risk of waiting more time for the paramedics to get to the scene, you could have been treated before they even arrive.

We Aren’t Allowed Food On Us At Work

I used to work in a shop that sold food which inevitably meant they were paranoid about every member of staff stealing from them. If you explain to them that it is a lot easier to actually carry things like a cereal bar and glucose tablets on you at all times they will understand. If they still refuse then you could actually take the complaint to head office or the top boss because it is unfair.

All in all you do not need to worry about having Diabetes when working because an employee will always understand that you have to do things to treat it!

Ryan is a diabetic internet marketer working for a company that deal with serviced offices London. You can follow him on Twitter @ryanogs

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