How To Treat A Diabetic Hypo

diabetic hypo

Now I am a diabetic myself so I am talking about this from the perspective of someone that has type 1 diabetes not a doctor who thinks they know everything but someone that has actually experienced what it feels like to go through a hypo.

First of all, for everyone that is unsure on what a hypo is I will briefly explain it to you (make sure to take not of this information if you want to know how to become a medical assistant).  A hypo is the short name given to Hypoglycaemia which is low blood sugar in diabetes. It is a condition where the level of glucose in the blood drops below a certain point and this is usually around 3.0.mml/l although mine is slightly higher around 4.0. usually a hypo is caused by an increased dose of insulin or a mismatched calorie intake versus demand which is where the body needs energy but cannot take it from the food you have stored (perhaps you have done some exercise). On top of this it has been found that many alcoholic beverages lower the blood sugar although it has to be said that many of them put them up too.

I was told after receiving my Diabetes that eventually I would have a hypo and this was something that, truth be told, I was very scared about. So around a month had passed and I started to have my very first hypo and I have to say it was not and still isn’t a very nice experience at all. With me I find that I start to feel dizzy and on top of this I have blurry vision, slurry speech , shakiness, paleness and when they are really bad I even have anger problems.

A hypo is not easy to deal with as you will find that each one is slightly different to the last however the one thing I would not advise you do is to rush out and buy 2-3 chocolate bars and eat those. Of course they will increase your sugars but it will result in them going way too high and your bloods will sky rocket. I have found that the best thing to do is have a small glass of sugary drink like apple juice and a small amount of carbohydrates like half a sandwich or a couple of cookies.

Sometimes you can have a hypo without any symptoms at all and this is where it gets dangerous and you could in fact lose consciousness which has happened to me once before. Although sometimes this cannot be avoided, the thing that you can avoid is slipping into a coma. Get yourself a glucagon kit for the home (a glucose increasing hormone injection) and teach your partner or family member how to use it. If this is injected when you fall unconscious then you will find that you will back to very quickly indeed.

If you do see your partner or family member fall unconscious then the best thing to do is not panic, get the kit as quickly but as safely as possible and make sure you follow the right steps in injecting it into them and they will be fine.

I hope this has helped people that do not understand what a hypo is and I also hope that this may have helped people who are perhaps new to the disease and are frightened of what might happen to them when they have a hypo, it will happen yes, but you will be fine.

The guest post is by Ryan who is an internet marketer working for a company that sell bathroom accessories and specialise in bathroom cabinets. He has been a diabetic for a number of years now and knows exactly how to handle and treat a hypo.

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