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Last week I had my routine 6 month check up with my diabetic doctor and it would seem that there are several things I am doing wrong with the disease that can be improved upon.

Keeping healthy with the disease really is something that is very important indeed and not listening to your doctor can really start to cause you problems when you get a bit older. For the time being my feet, kidneys and everything else is still ticking along very nicely indeed but if I simply refused to listen to my doctor then it is safe to say it wouldn’t be long until I started to see problems coming through.

I, like many other diabetics get very tired very easily indeed and as mentioned in a previous post it can be very tough to actually build up muscle when exercising. Well this was covered in our meet as she suggested that I have a snack around 15 minutes before I start exercising, something like a banana is all that you need before exercising to make sure your bloods do not go too high.

Something else that was bothering me is that whenever I walked home in the evenings I always seemed to have a hypo (hypoglycaemia) around 11am of the next day. Now of course this may be a problem unique to me but it is important to just reiterate that it is very important to talk to a diabetic doctor and not just a normal doctor when it comes to problems with the disease. Naturally she simply spent a couple of minutes thinking about the situation before telling me it was all to do with the long lasting insulin I was injecting myself with. The problem has since been fixed.

It is very important indeed to get yourself checked by a diabetic doctor around every six months even if it costs you a bit of money. Other things that you must have checked on a regular basis include the feet and the eyes as these are the first to be affected if you are not managing the disease very well.

All in all if you are managing the disease correctly and getting regular checkups there is no reason why you cannot actually lead a perfectly normal life.

This is a guest post by Ryan who is a Diabetic internet marketer working for a company that deal with office space and serviced offices Victoria.

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