Losing Belly Fat May Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk


Overweight or obese people with belly fat are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than non-overweight people.  

This is because belly fat can obstruct the normal functioning of blood-sugar-regulating organs and more specifically insulin action, which is necessary to lower the blood sugar. Finding a way to efficiently lose belly fat will lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes or the non- insulin dependent diabetes mellitus usually occur in people ages 30 years and above. However, since Type 2 Diabetes is associated with obesity, there have been reported cases on people younger than 30 and even young children.  The main problems in Type 2 Diabetes are impaired insulin secretion and insulin resistance.  Normally, insulin (a hormone that is responsible in regulating energy and the metabolism of the glucose in the body) binds to special receptors and initiates a series of reactions involved in glucose metabolism. In Type 2 Diabetes, these reactions are diminished, thus causing insulin to be less effective at stimulating glucose uptake by the tissues and at regulating glucose released by the liver.

Type 2 Diabetes can cause kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neuropathy or nerve damage, vision impairment, and even erectile dysfunction. Type 2 Diabetes is a serious condition, however because insulin resistance is associated with obesity, the primary treatment of diabetes is weight loss. A study by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group in 2002 reported that weight loss by doing lifestyle modification is more effective than taking in oral medications like Metformin. The lifestyle intervention group had a 58% lower incidence of diabetes while the Metformin group only had 31% lower incidence of diabetes compared to the group that was given placebo. These findings demonstrate that type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed with balanced diet, regular exercise and commitment to live a healthy life.

In type 2 diabetes, monitoring the percentage of calories from carbohydrates, protein, and fats play a major role in regulating the blood glucose level and doing regular exercise plays an important part in enhancing the effectiveness of insulin. Also, exercise is very important in managing diabetes because of its effects on reducing cardiovascular risk factors and lowering blood glucose. It also improves muscle tone and circulation. Aerobic exercises like running and biking are very important in managing diabetes because these exercises are the best when it comes to losing weight. Also, resistance workouts like weight lifting can increase muscle mass thus increase the basal metabolic rate.

The body works by consuming the calories we get from the food we eat and converting these calories to give us the energy to work, however if we are taking in too much calories than what our body needs as well as living a sedentary lifestyle, the calories are stored in the body as fat deposit. Fats are initially deposited in the belly because it contains the greatest amount of fat tissues in the body.

This means, the belly will be the first part of your body that will bulge yet the last to flatten out.  So, when you start seeing belly fat, consider it as your body’s way of telling you to start doing some diet and lifestyle modifications because if it is left unattended, more fats will be deposited in your body until you’ll become obese and possibly acquire type 2 diabetes. Maintaining a flat belly and losing belly fat are great ways to prevent diabetes as well as its risks.

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