Never Get Diabetes

In spite of what you may hear, you can do something about the threat of diabetes, a growing scourge in the US population today. There are courses of action to be taken to manage and control its deleterious effects. Better yet, you can avoid it altogether as seen in the colorful infographic “5 Ways to Never Get Diabetes.” The advice is simple. Start by relaxing more and keeping stress at bay. Blood sugar can spike if you can’t unwind at will. Yoga and meditation (deep slowing breathing) help, and even a nice long walk.

Reclaim your Sundays as a day of rest—put the brakes on taxing errands and tasks. Exercise is the next best thing and the universal panacea for denying disease. It helps utilize insulin efficiently, helping blood sugar function more effectively within body cells. Going down the infographic list, indulging in your coffee cravings is completely allowed. Studies show that regular consumption in sufficient quantity lowers diabetes by 29-54%! Furthermore, it contains minerals and important antioxidants that absorb sugar. Going vegan once in a while is also good rule of thumb. Red meat should be limited for longevity as should processed foods like bacon and hot dogs. Finally, a good night’s sleep is a key to diabetes deterrence. Too little causes high blood pressure. It’s all about fighting the odds and reducing risk. The bold and bright infographic leads the way.

Elliot Noteware originated the infographic. He writes as a health blogger, specializing in AGC.

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