Preparing For The Worst When It Comes To Diabetes And Vacation

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Continuing with the trend I have on writing about Diabetes and vacation at the moment (it is summer after all) I wanted to talk about what on earth you would do if something goes wrong when you are away.

Loss Of Medication

One of the hardest things a diabetic could possibly have to deal with when it comes to being on vacation is the loss of medication like insulin and it could in fact ruin the vacation completely. So what do you do if this happens to you? Well if you are in a reasonably developed country then the best thing to do is to get down a pharmacy to see if they stock any of the insulin that you have. Most countries will do the type you have and although it is going to cost you a lot to buy it, it is better than having to turn back and go home.

Instead of thinking about what things you need you must always take an emergency prescription with you when it comes to going away because then you have something to show them in the event of a disaster. You could find a doctor will not provide you with the necessary things you need unless they have proof you are a diabetic.

Hotel Doesn’t Cater Well For Diabetics

If you are staying in a hotel doesn’t seem to have any food that you are able to have then sometimes you could end up in bit of bother. This isn’t a big issue to the diabetics on adjustable insulin but if you are on the regime in which you need to eat very sensibly and have three snacks a day on top of the normal meals then it could be a bit of a bother. The best thing to do is pack a few bits for the first couple of days, then you can head out to the nearest supermarket and get the things you need.

When I was on a stricter diet when I first got Diabetes we actually stated I was diabetic long before we were due to stay. When we sat down for our first meal within the hotel the head chef came out to greet me and discussed which foods I could have. This was fantastic as he went to the extra trouble of making me sugar free muffins at no extra cost. Of course I was staying at a Disney hotel so you do expect that kind of thing. Still, it is always worth asking!

The main thing you need to do with this kind of thing is not panic, there is always a solution to things no matter what problem it is!

Ryan is a diabetic SEO working for a company that deal with spa breaks, who offer out fantastic summer breaks for the entire family. You can follow his SEO updates as well as the stuff he likes best on Twitter @ ryanogs

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