Seven Strategies For Vacationing With Diabetes

Planning a vacation can be especially challenging for patients with diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels and diet plans in unfamiliar surroundings can often create serious difficulties in staying healthy on the go. Here are seven strategies to help you enjoy your vacation and avoid health problems while living with diabetes.

1. Pack non-perishable snacks

Before your trip or on your first day in your new environment, pre-pack raisins, crackers or small cookies in waterproof bags or containers. These bite-sized snacks can be real lifesavers if you experience an episode of low blood sugar while out and about.

2. Identify yourself

Be sure to carry clear instructions in your wallet or purse to alert medical personnel of your diabetic condition and current course of treatment. Additionally, you should wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace; if you are in an accident or experience a loss of consciousness due to diabetes, these instructions and alert items can allow paramedics and first responders to act quickly and appropriately to manage your condition.

3. Consider continuous monitoring

Modern continuous glucose monitoring systems are portable and can be worn for up to a week at a time, allowing you a greater degree of mobility and ensuring that you can track your blood sugar levels effectively. A wireless glucometer can be a valuable asset for long days of walking, swimming or shopping; this is especially true if you are unaccustomed to these levels of activity in your daily routine.

4. Two’s company

Inviting a friend, family member or significant other along to share your vacation experience can make any excursion or trip more enjoyable. Taking along a little company can also ensure that you have support and help if your diabetes symptoms require treatment along the way.

5. Pack more than you need

If you require medication or insulin injections to manage your diabetes, be sure to bring at least three days’ worth of extra supplies in case of delays or other unforeseen situations. In remote or rural settings, packing a full week’s worth of extra medication may be prudent to ensure that you stay healthy while you’re away from home.

6. Scout it out

Before you reach your destination, map out the nearest hospitals, pharmacies and other medical treatment facilities on each leg of your journey. This can ensure that you can access needed supplies at every stop along the way.

7. Take it with you

All diabetes treatment supplies and equipment should be packed in a carry-on bag and kept with you rather than checked with other luggage that might be lost in transit. Making sure that your insulin, medication and glucose metering systems are available at all times can provide you with valuable peace of mind throughout your vacation.

These seven strategies can help you enjoy a safe vacation while keeping your diabetes symptoms well under control. A little advance planning can go a long way toward ensuring that your trip is a happy and healthy one.

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