The All Important Letter From The Doctor


Getting your doctor to give you a letter stating you have diabetes and that you are going to need to be carrying around various bits of kit with you including your insulin, blood strips and any other pieces of equipment you need is very important indeed. So how do you go about obtaining this letter, how often do you need it and what happens if you do not have it?

Why Do You Need The Letter?

This comes a little bit from my previous post on vacationing with diabetes and you need it for travelling or in case a police officer stops your car or your persons and asks you what on earth you are doing with syringes and needles. It is essentially a way of covering yourself if the worst case scenario happens.

Getting The Letter

Acquiring the letter is not as hard as you might think and all you really need to do is book an appointment with your doctor or diabetic doctor to discuss why you need the letter. The doctor will then go through the list of things you currently take so that you can then leave knowing the doctor knows exactly what top include. If you get a letter through the post simply summarising that you are diabetic and you have diabetic things then this is fine so do not worry.

What Happens If You Don’t Have It?

If you don’t have a letter stating that you are perfectly allowed to be carrying medical items around then you will find that you could be stopped for a variety of reasons. If you are heading out on vacation security could actually stop you from going altogether, after all, what evidence do they have for sure that the items you are carrying are legal?

It is worth knowing that most security staff do actually know what insulin is and will not even ask you for a letter. However the chances are when you do not have the letter on you they ask and you will be stuffed.

It is not difficult to go out and get one of these letters so it is for this reason alone why it is really worthwhile doing.

Ryan is a diabetic internet marketer working for a company that deal with lease deals and mobile phone accessories mobile. You can follow him on Twitter @ryanogs!

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