The Dangers Of Actos And Diabetes

Headache; muscle aches; sinus pain; sore throat; and wait gain done sound so bad. This would be the fact if you are battling a cold. Actos, which is a drug for those who have been diagnosed with, type 2 diabetes. I know the above ailments above are not fun, and for many are a reason to call in for a sick day, but there are yet more side effects that you can get that are even worse and harder to deal with a regular daily routine. Those include Fever, chills, unusual fatigue, tooth pain, low blood sugar or hypoglycemia (

With this pill there is one site ( that mentioned to read the information sheet that comes along with the prescription, but I think what a site really needs to say is that to not read, and to not take it, and if your doctor tries to convince you to take this pill to ask for a new doctor.  I am glad that on the top of the website that this pill can worsen heart failure (that’s all).  Some people may think that might not be a large number or may not impact that many people but that is far from the truth and recommend for anyone to check your numbers (blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, etc. The recent facts as of (March 19,2013) are the following.

  • Around 600,000 people die as of result of heart disease each year (US)
  • One in every four deaths is related to heart disease
  • Men should be more cautious because over half the cases in 2009 were of men.
  • In he US about 715,000 people have a heart attack each year

Many people after all of these facts are still going to say, “but I don’t have any heart issues”, or “it does not run in my family”. If that is not a sign of how this pill can lead to one of the top killers in the U.S. then here is what else patients run the risk of having if using Actos.

What is more alarming is that many medical magezines are stating to only take this pill as a last resort. This is not a top option or even a back up or the back up to that. That is like saying if a guy was dating a woman (A), and she called off their date. Well this guy is not what we call the best in the world so he calls girl (B), (C), (D), and all the way to Z. He called and tried every other option on his cell phone of if your old school little black book before he went to girl (Z).  Actos is girl (Z). The last result and the only reason you use it is because you are not getting the wanted results that you or your doctor desire for you health. Another customer might see a commercial about it or might have passed by girl (Z) at the coffee shop and thought it’s the easier way to go so why go through all of the hassle and call 25 other women?

Article written by Jet Russell. Jet is a full time guest blogger and works for a law firm in his spare doing tasks such as outreach and guest blogging.

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