The Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 1


Being told that I had diabetes was not the best day in my life that’s for sure and it came as a big shock to everyone close to me as no one in the history of my family had any record of ever getting the disease (lucky me right?) which was why it was an even bigger shock to my parents.

The few days before I was diagnosed was awful, I was unable to keep anything down and was just feeling as if I was going to collapse and pass out at every waking moment. Of course my Nan, being a typical Nan thought the ultimate solution to my sickness was energy drinks which of course made things a lot worse as I was already without insulin and little did everyone know, this was putting me even closer to a young death.

The Doctor didn’t even know what was wrong and to be honest it was lucky I got to the hospital when I did, I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t talk and it took a professional several attempts to try and find any of my veins as I was so pale and drained. The major problem and the reason why I was hours, possibly even minutes away from slipping into a coma and then possibly death is because nobody managed to spot the symptoms of the disease and how could they? How was anyone supposed to know I would get something like this at the young age of 12? Well these are some of the things you need to look out for because catching this before it gets to the stage I was at.

Increased Thirst/Urination

This is something I most certainly started to have in the few weeks and even months before I got to the stage I did and of course when you have an increase for thirst you seem to have to use the toilet a lot more also so it all makes sense. This is often the biggest symptom and the one easiest to spot and I know everyone felt guilty because they all noticed this one in me. Then again unless you know it is a symptom for the disease, how can you feel guilty, you can’t!

Extreme Hunger

Although this is not something that I suffered with it is a very common symptom and one that is caused because there is not enough insulin to move the sugar into your cells, muscles and organs. This means they are losing energy fast and you crave food, even after eating you might still be hungry because the sugar is never reaching the right places.

Run Down

It is safe to say that even before the days leading up to diagnosis I was feeling run down and very irritable. In someone so young this is not a good thing and it is always worth getting this checked out.

Weight Loss

Even though you may be eating a lot more than usual you can lose weight very rapidly indeed and this is because the sugar supplies aren’t getting in and your fat stores are shrinking. Although this was not a symptom of mine I did lost nearly a stone in just three days thanks to me not being able to keep anything in at all, even liquids.

The best thing to do is if you are noticing any of these things in either yourself or someone very close to you then you book a trip to the doctors. This way you will not get into the position I did of nearly losing my life.

Ryan is a diabetic internet marketer working for a company dealing with Torquay hotels you can follow him on Twitter @ ryanogs .

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