Think Before You Eat: 10 Foods To Avoid With Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes have to make sure they eat the right foods and monitor their blood sugar often. It is also important to avoid certain foods, as these can greatly affect blood sugar and cause health issues as a result. If you have diabetes, then you probably know which foods cause you problems, but these are the 10 that everyone should avoid at all costs:

1. White Flour

This can cause your glucose levels to rapidly rise, which is why you should eat mainly whole wheat flour. So, if you’re eating bread or something else, make sure it’s made with whole grains instead.

2. French Fries

Unless you bake these at home and only eat them on occasion, you should avoid fries all together. When eaten at a fast food restaurant, they are fried and drenched in salt. These can trigger your blood sugar to rise very quickly.

3. Canned Vegetables

Canned veggies are packed with a lot of sodium and are generally not as good for you as fresh vegetables. If possible, steam fresh vegetables whenever you can. These are great for diabetics and will help you lose weight as well!

4. Sugary Drinks

Soda, juice, fruit drinks, etc., are all packed with sugar. Not only can these cause you to gain weight, they will also increase your blood sugar rapidly. Instead, drink water or unsweetened green tea to hydrate your body and keep your blood sugar leveled.

5. Fried Meat

Any type of meat that is fried is going to be cooked in oil and often times breaded. It is best to avoid this because it’s high in saturated fat, which is bad for your heart. Instead, eat baked meats that aren’t cooked in any oils.

6. Regular Dairy

It’s best to avoid regular yogurt, regular cottage cheese, whole milk and any other dairy products that are full fat. Instead, eat low-fat options that are better for diabetics. Also try to limit your intake of cheese all together, as it’s high in fat and can cause weight gain.

7. Snacks

Pork rinds, potato chips and any other snacks that are fried are terrible for diabetics. These can make it really difficult to lose weight and keep your blood sugar under control. Instead, eat raw veggies or baked chips as alternatives.

8. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are made with ingredients that include caffeine and a lot of sugar. Instead of drinking these, try and stick to water or other beverages that don’t have sugar or added ingredients in them.

9. Vegetable Shortening or Butter

Both of these are extremely bad for your heart and can clog your arteries. If you are cooking with a recipe that calls for either of these, use margarine or vegetable oils instead.

10. Fruits

In order to keep your blood sugar low, certain fruits should be avoided. This means you should limit your intake of strawberries, mangoes, prunes and grapes. To be short, try to avoid only those fruits that contain excessive amount of sugar.

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