Tom Hanks And His Type 2 Diabetes: A Yo-Yo Diet Is A No-No Diet

Tom Hanks has had a lot of press lately. On almost every news channel you click, his face will most likely appear. The reason why is because of his recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, which is the most common form of diabetes.

So, how did Tom Hanks receive type 2 diabetes? The answer, presumably, is due to his weight fluctuations. After all, he is an actor, and he has to fit his character physically, emotionally, and mentally, right?

Type 2 diabetes, for the most part, is associated with obesity. However, Tom Hanks blames his yo-yo diet which he used to sufficiently play certain roles.

Let’s take a look at his weight records, shall we?

  • For A League of Their Own in 1992, Tom Hanks put on thirty pounds to play Jimmy Dugan.
  • In the film Philadelphia released in 1993, Tom Hanks lost twenty-six pounds to play Andrew Beckett.
  • For Cast Away, which came out in 2000, Tom Hanks lost an entire fifty pounds to play Chuck Noland.

Of course, Tom Hanks isn’t the only one messing around with yo-yo diets and weight fluctuations. According to Dr. Oz, many people are doing it – and this can leave devastating effects.

Now, losing weight is not an issue, but losing and gaining weight within a certain period of time can bring about nasty consequences. Check out this list of undesirable yo-yo diet results:

  • Most yo-yo dieters gain more weight than they had lost in the first place.
  • This type of dieting can have psychological effects, such as shame and stress (which is usually due to eating too much already, so they eat their emotions afterwards, too.)
  • There is an increased rate in mental distress.
  • Weight cycling, when frequent in women, can cause heart failure. This is because cells become damaged and disallow blood to move about freely.

If yo-yo dieting is bad, then how can you lose weight in a safe manner?

One of the best choices you have is a free weight loss program that will work with you to lose weight without potential harm. You could also do the following:

  • Schedule a diet plan (this is the perfect way to assist you with your weight loss needs.)
  • Consult a doctor or nutritionist. A nutritionist can set you up with a calorie guide based on your weight loss needs and can provide you with a thorough meal plan.
  • Join a gym. This might seem obvious, but register for a gym membership immediately. It will aid you tremendously with your weight loss goals, and it can even keep you at a steady, healthy weight.
  • In case you don’t understand how the machines work at the gym or how many calories you need to burn, hire a personal trainer. With a personal trainer, you will receive customized programming based on your body’s needs. He or she can assist you in targeting certain parts of your body while simultaneously supporting weight loss.

Remember, taking care of your body is super important. Don’t go for the yo-yo diet – be practical in your weight loss choices!

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Chelsea Bowie is a nutritionist in the lovely state of California. During her free time, she enjoys writing weight loss articles and tips on how to stay healthy. Chelsea has worked in the field of nutrition for over ten years now.

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