Top Pieces of Technology for People Living with Disabilities


In the modern world new technology is being developed all the time that is designed to help those who have a disability. There are products available that can help people with physical disabilities such as people with spinal injuries or those who are blind. This article will look at the best gadgets available to help people coping with disabilities.


For wheelchair users there is a useful gadget available for their iPod or iPhone. This piece of technology can control an iPod or iPhone via the wheelchair joystick. For people who have limited mobility the iPortal is a very handy gadget. The iPortal can also control an iPod or iPhone via speech assistance.

The possum primo controller

To make things easier around the house you could opt for the possum primo controller (which is a piece of smart home technology). This dynamic device is ideal for anyone who has a limited range of motion as it can control many household appliances such as alarms, door locks, and telephones as well as your TV, DVD and HI-FI. Smart technology requires a lot of thought before it is installed so care must be taken in that respect. It can make a big difference when it comes to ease of life though.

Talking kitchen scales

A pair of talking kitchen scales is an ideal solution for the visually impaired. An excellent set of talking kitchen scales can be found on the conformuk website. They have a clear speaking voice with volume control. They can weigh items up to 5 kg/11 lb.

Personal emergency response system

A personal emergency response system can help someone who has limited mobility to alert a loved one or carer should they have a fall. With this kind of technology at hand anyone with a physical disability can stay independent for longer.

Watches for the blind

The interesting watches that are available for the blind are those that speak the time. At the press of a button the watch will tell you the correct time. They include several language settings to suit the needs of the user and they are designed to look like any other watch. This is important as the wearer shouldn’t feel as if their watch stands out from anyone else’s. These watches are also beneficial to people who have limited vision.

Portable video magnifier

If you’re visually impaired you might want to consider purchasing a portable video magnifier. These credit card sized pieces of kit allow you to magnify an image several times so that you can get a better view of something. These little gadgets are great for looking at newspapers, photographs, books and medicine bottles. Visual aids for distance reading are also available and are great for watching TV for instance.

Background noise suppression technology

There is a piece of technology available for the hard of hearing that can allow them to distinguish between background noise and a foreground conversation. These devices are great for separating background and foreground noises on TV programs. The device quickly learns to pick out the actors voice over that of the background noises making it easier for the hard of hearing to listen to a conversation.

This article was written by Gowrings Mobility, a leading supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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