Vital Questions And Answers About Type 2 Diabetes


There is so much you that you need to learn in order to battle diabetes. There are foods to eat, avoid, the amount of calories to eat, your target body weight and frame, exercises to do, meal planning, medication, and so much more. In this article, we will tackle several of these diet queries.

Juggling your priorities plus your health can be pretty stressful. Hence, we need to do a lot of research to handle this health condition. Don’t let diabetes affect your way of life. Learn how to battle it by equipping yourself with vital information.

What is the best diabetes diet?

Actually, there is no universal best diabetes diet. The best diabetes diet is one that your doctor thinks suits you. This diet is made especially for you based on your height, weight, age, gender, body frame, and lifestyle. The best diet is one that you should be able to do for the rest of your life. It should help you meet your goal which is to help you lose weight and manage your diabetes.

How to start your diet?

Start off by writing your activities and your food intake in a diet journal or diary. Take note of every detail and report them to your doctor because all of this data is important. After determining your required daily calorie intake, you should start planning your meals. Write down what you can or should eat for your meals. Doing this rountinely can help you determine if your diet plan will be effective or not.

What’s the best tip you can give?

Creating a diet plan and sticking to it is a daily struggle. But once you become accustomed to the foods that you should be eatting, it will be easier for you to enjoy these healthier options. The key here is discipline. Don’t forget to motivate yourself as well. Think about your family and what your future will be like if you adhere to your diet.

What are the unhealthy eating habits that should be avoided?

  • You need to stop drinking soda and fruit juice as they are high in sugar. Instead, drink water or herbal tea. According to studies, replacing sodas with healthier options can take away 20 pounds in just a year.
  • Avoid snacks in cellophane bags. Eat fruits and vegetables instead.
  • Say no to fast foods as they contain high amount of fat and calories. Eat home cooked meals instead.
  • Avoid anything on the menu that says fried or deep-fried. Opt for broiled, grilled, or sautéed.
  • Mayonnaise, and creamy sauces are high in fat and calories. Mustard is a healthier option.

The diet queries in this article are helpful to anyone who is planning a diabetic meal and diet routine. Aside from reading this, you should also consult your doctor for more advice and information. I wish you the best in your pursuit of a healthier you. Take Care.

Mark has been writing extensively about Type 2 diabetes and diabetic meal planning on the American diabetic diet site.

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