What Should A Diabetic Do On Christmas?


I don’t know if other diabetics feel this way but Christmas time can actually be a bit of a downer for me and when it comes to having Diabetes type 1 I have to say it is one of the main parts of the year that really gets me down. So what is it about the Christmas season that really does get me down?

Sweets, Sweets, Sweets

Christmas is the time of the year where everyone is eating sweets, chocolate and all things packed with sugar and whilst I don’t mind this happening it does get to me a bit because although I can give myself a few extra units of insulin and have a few bits of candy it is not really the best of ideas and to do this every day over the Christmas period would do me a lot of damage!

If you are feeling down over the Christmas period then do not fear, there are many diabetic treats that taste almost as good as the real thing out there. If you think back to a previous post on the site you will see some of the Halloween treats available for diabetics, the same goes for Christmas!

If you are feeling really down you could do what I do on Christmas and Boxing Day…

Take A Break!

With this I am not talking about putting the insulin pen and blood machine down for a couple of days, sitting back and eating to your heart’s content as we all know what that would do. What I am talking about is giving yourself a bit of a higher injection and sinking your teeth into a succulent roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings, the Christmas pudding to go with it for dessert and then having a bit of chocolate in the evening.

There are only three days in which I would recommend doing this, Christmas, Boxing day and your Birthday. Although diabetes is a very serious disease we are surely allowed to sometimes let our hair down, increase the dose of insulin and have what we want to eat. Don’t forget if your bloods do end up running high you can always give yourself another small dose.

Of course all of this depends on the type of insulin you are on so please, please, please always check with your doctor before adjusting insulin for a specific couple of days.

Ryan is a diabetic internet marketer working for a company dealing with lease cars UKand you can follow him on Twitter @ryanogs

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