Yoga for Those Suffering Diabetes? Yes, Sure!


It has been proved by numerous tests that yoga efficiently reduces the blood pressure and blood sugar levels, helps fight obesity, and thus helps with diabetes.

Undeniably, one of your favorite snacks is a pretzel.  You simply love how it tastes and plays around your mouth.  What you never thought imaginable though, was that you could be capable of twisting and turning your body into pretzel-like forms.  You shudder at the thought of subjecting yourself to bone-breaking positions, but realize that yoga does have its benefits.  If you have been constantly looking around for fitness tips which actually work, why not give yoga a try?

Yoga is known to give one a sense of inner bliss, flexibility and overall body strength, but the skeptic in us may doubt if it can measurably keep up with other fitness routines when it comes to shedding the pounds.  Although doing those yoga poses may seem to do nothing to raise your heart rate enough to burn calories, it still does contribute to your weight loss goals.  After all, yoga still is a form of exercise.

There are forms of yoga which can be comparable to a vigorous cardio workout.  One of them is what’s called power yoga.  This is a very popular yoga style which has more activity and less meditation in it.  Another of its kind is “hot yoga”.  It is called such, as it is done in a hot room. This increases the likelihood of you losing weight, since the high temperature will cause you to sweat a river.  If you wish to make yoga your foremost form of exercise, you must do it for 90 minutes, at least three times a week.

Yoga trainers and experts state that yoga is a way for you to be in touch with your body.  The weight loss effects of yoga are more subtle, as it relates to the mind-body aspects of yoga.  Yoga contributes a great deal to making yourself more open to change and its benefits.  When your mind is more in control of your body, this leads to changes in your lifestyle- that includes your eating habits.  You develop a significant change in the way you view food and eating, and make a firm resolve to work harder towards your weight loss goals.

So if you find yourself on a yoga mat with your body in somewhat obscure positions, just breathe deeply.  Visualize yourself in the league of Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow- both yoga denizens.  Take heart in the fact that you are doing both your mind and body a whole world of good.

Kate is a health blogger for the term deposit comparison tool, the free money-saving app for Australians.

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